The following is a summary of the basic charges used by Newe Age Plumbing And Heating. If you would like any further information on our summary of charges, please contact us on: 0800 779 7732.

If, while servicing, it is found that new and/or replacement parts are required to return your appliance back to full working order, you will be advised on what is required and their costs, prior to their purchase and replacement. This means that control of the costs are always with you, the customer.

Plumbing and Heating Charges:

Hourly Rate
(normal working week)

Out of hours Hourly Rate
(Evenings & Weekends)

General Plumbing
£80  £100
Central Heating
gas work
£80  £100
Boiler Service  £80 £100
Boiler & System Service  £120 £140
Gas Fire Service  £80 £100
Gas Hob/Cooker Service   £70 £90
Gas Safety Certificate £70 £90
Power  Flushing
(For central heating systems)
£250 including 5 radiators and a combi boiler, £25 each additional radiator. Each system is different in both severity and type, please phone for further details.


# During a boiler or cylinder service as per manufacture instructions the PRV will be tested this can course the PRV to fail in which case there would be an additional charge for this.

Hourly Rates:
There is a minimum charge of one hour on all jobs, thereafter work is charged in 30 minute increments.  All rates exclude the cost of materials and are subject to the current rate of VAT.
Fixed Price: If requested and before any work commences, we can provide a free estimate for larger type jobs.  All estimates are subject to the current rate of VAT.
Full Day Rate: Charges are based on a full 8 hour day and must equate to hours actually worked.  If a non estimated job happens to take between 6 to 8 hours to complete, we will automatically reduce the labour rate to provide our customers with piece of mind.
Materials: Materials supplied by New Age Plumbing  will be clearly identified and invoiced separately.
Material Collection: Material collection time for non stock items will be kept to a minimum – any charge for those items will be agreed with the customer in advance.
Estimates: For Larger jobs, we are happy to make an appointment for an estimator to visit, where you can discuss all aspects of your proposed work. Please note, however, that routine/daily plumbing and heating jobs are excluded from this proviso.
Invoice: An invoice will always be produced clearly showing a full description of work carried out –  with a  full breakdown of the cost of Labour and materials used.
Payment: Payment must be made in full by cash, debit/credit card or bank trabsfer upon receipt of invoice.