Keeping a central heating system clean is all part and parcel of system maintenance, and is crucial to ensure an efficient, reliable heating system for the future. Powerflushing is one way to clean out the debris from your heating system, keeping things working well and performing optimally. Here’s what you need to know about powerflushing, and how we can help you with this.

What is a powerflush?

A power flush is a cleansing process which helps to remove deposits of rust, sludge and other detritus from your central heating system. We use high pressure water along with specialist chemicals to blast away all the grime and dirt from the inside of your pipes and radiators.

What does a power flush do?

By removing the debris that accumulates over time, you can look forward to a more efficient, more controllable heating system after you’ve had a powerflush. Our experience has shown us that power flushing has the ability to:

  • Distribute heat more evenly around the home
  • Lower household bills
  • Extend the life of the boiler and heating system
  • Improve reliability of the heating system
  • Eliminate common faults and problems

You should always have the system power flushed when you are installing a new boiler, and if you’re moving into a new home it’s a good idea to invest in a system flush right away to ensure you are not inheriting problems. Spending a little now can save on costly repairs later, so book your powerflush with New Age Plumbing and Heating today.

Do I need a power flush?

There are a few tell-tale signs that your system could benefit from a power flush. These include:

  • Cold spots on radiators
  • Radiators that no longer warm up
  • System taking a long time to get up to temperature
  • Some rooms much colder than others
  • Noisy boiler or pipework
  • Boiler switching on and off frequently
  • Boiler breaking down often

A power flush should only ever been performed by an experienced heating engineer, as incorrect flushing could lead to contamination of the system or damage to your boiler. Call us now to book your power flush and see how easy it is to make your heating better.