gassafetyRenting out a house can be a stressful business. From contracts to maintenance, fees to fire safety, there’s a lot for a property landlord to think about when they begin to let a property.

As a landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure your tenants are safe when they stay in your property. This applies whether you are renting out a whole house to a family, one room to a lodger or undertaking short term rentals such as holiday accommodation. It also applies to hotels, caravans, narrow boats and bed and breakfast businesses.

One such aspect of safety relates to the gas appliance in the house. Under the Gas Safety Regulations 1998, you must have all gas appliances including boilers, heaters and cookers, inspected annually to ensure they are safe and operating correctly. The landlords gas safety certificate is designed to prove that you have had this done, and should be issued to your tenants within 28 days of having the check done.

Getting your Landlords Gas Safety check done

As Gas Safe registered engineers, we can perform your gas safety check in the London and Southampton areas to ensure you remain compliant. When you book a gas safety engineer from us, we will:

  • Check all permanent and portable gas appliances owned by you and for the tenants use
  • Inspect these for gas tightness and leaks
  • Check boiler burner pressure and gas rate against manufacturers recommendations
  • Check flues to ensure no harmful gasses are being released
  • Ensure ventilation is adequate
  • Check for general condition and suitability of the appliance

Once all of these checks have been completed, we will issue you with a landlords Gas Safety Certificate. You should give a copy to your current tenant within 28 days, or should include it in the new tenants pack when someone moves into the property.

Call us today about your landlord’s gas certificate in your London or Southampton based property, and we’ll be happy to help.